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Own the Eyes, Own the Dog

I read a training article one time where the trainer said “you own the eyes, you own the dog”. Teaching a dog to focus on you is an extremely important task we must instill in our dogs. With young dogs it can be very challenging master because of how easily distracted they can get.

So how do we teach focus? We work on it all the time and in different situations. So whether we are training, playing, or even feeding, we work on it. I have to be able to get those eyes connected to me whenever I ask. I want everything tuned out around him and silenced when I give a command, etc. It takes time and it’s not something that just happens. Its a process that takes a long time. At first I try to hold his attention for just a few seconds, and then a minute, and a then a few more, and then with distractions. Again It takes time..

So why do I teach it? A dog desires leadership; they want to be led. I’m his leader and he looks to me for direction. If he’s not focused on me, how can he be led? When a dogs eyes are focused on me, it means I have his mind focused on me, which means I have his heart, which means I have everything. Full submission; waiting for me to direct him and guide him.

We, just like our dogs desire leadership. We all want to be led and we have a Creator who wants to lead us. Lets face it – when someone is leading us, it’s less stressful because we have don’t have to be in charge. Life happens and so often instead of keeping our eyes on our Creator and Lord, we focus on the situation. When we do that we know whats controlling us – the situation. We need to learn to focus on Christ in every situation – know matter what we are doing. And we can follow him with confidence because he is sovereign and he reigns over all things. On top of that he loves us more than we can ever imagine. Trust him and follow him as you travel on the different trails of life. Psalms 25

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